Offshore Premium Package


Suitable for operating companies with owners residing outside Hong Kong



Company Formation Services

  • Company name search
  • Company incorporation
  • Business registration
  • Government Levy

Company Secretary Service

  • Annual return filing
  • Assistance on the processing of Business Registration Fee payable to the government for renewal of certificate
  • Notification of commencement of business to Hong Kong Internal Revenue Department
  • Regular maintenance of company records to meet statutory requirements

Registered Address Service

  • Share our office address as your registered office address of your Hong Kong company
  • Display your Company Name outside our office
  • Keeper of Significant Controllers Register

Letter forwarding

  • Keep only the government letters of your company
  • Forward all other letters to your dedicated address upon request or available for pick up during business hours
  • All expense incurred in delivery of letter is deducted from your delivery-expense account

Manage Accounts

  • Help you prepare yearly accounting books and keep track of contracts
  • Law requires that the director keep proper records of the bookkeeping
  • Having proper accounting records is part of your company’s statutory requirements

Making Audit Arrangements

  • Hong Kong Companies Ordinance stipulates that a company’s annual financial statements must be audited by a Certified Public Accountant
  • Audited financial statement must be presented to the shareholders at the Annual General Meeting
  • We will help you arrange auditors to carry out audit in accordance with the Hong Kong Auditing Standards
  • Audit fees are not included in the annual fee for this package. The fees incurred will depend on how complex your corporate structure is, and the scope of the audit arrangements

Advantages for you

  • Saves you the cost and setup of setting up a physical office in Hong Kong
  • Saves you the cost of hiring administrative workers in Hong Kong
  • Saves you the hefty costs of maintaining an accounting department in Hong Kong
  • Privacy: The address is exposed to the public, it is not secure to provide your personal address for your company