Maintenance Package


Suitable for landlords who just want to enjoy their property without the hassle



Manage all utilities bills

  • Ensure all water and electric bills are paid on time
  • Review telephone, cable, and internet contracts to ensure that you are getting the best service
  • Ensure that all telephone, cable, and internet bills are paid on time

Manage all government bills

  • Ensure all government rents and rates are paid on time
  • Apply for any concessions if possible

Collaborate with your building management

  • Ensure all property management fees are paid on time
  • Review all notices sent by the property management companies and brief you on the contents
  • Coordinating with property management company to arrange repairs to common areas

Ensure property complies with the latest regulations

  • Hong Kong Building Department regularly requires upgrades to various aspects of the property (e.g. windows)
  • We will ensure that your property complies with the latest regulations and arrange contractors to make renovations if needed

Maintain property condition

  • Perform regular inspections on property condition for leaks, cracks, etc.
  • If required, we will arrange contractors to maintain the property conditions
  • You will approve any renovations before we proceed, the cost of contractors are not included in the annual fee

Advantages for you

  • Never have to worry about any unpaid notices, cracks or leakages in your property
  • You can be rest assured that the property is well maintained and ready to use when you are in Hong Kong


  • Service Fees: US$1000 / HK$7800 per property per year
  • Deposits: US$100 / HK$780